In 2007 the boy scouts and girl scouts of Cngei (the Italian national association of boy scouts and girl scouts which is linked to Agesci in FIS, the Italian Federation of Scouting and Guiding), decided to do something special to celebrate the world centenary of scoutism: a cartoon book about B.P.: it's title is Impeesa.

The setting, i.e. the story, is by Paolo Fizzarotti, the editor of “Scautismo”, the official magazine of Cngei.

The drawings are by Ivo Milazzo, one of the greatest world masters of comics: just to give an example he is the inventor of Ken Parker, one of the best loved western characters in the world.

A century ago Baden Powell founded the Scouts, almost everyone knows it.

Do you know the real story of B.P. before he decided to leave the army to fully devote himself to scoutism, the greatest pacifist youth movement in the world?

You may imagine that the nice little old moustached man who smiles from uncountable drawings and photos, was once young, strong and vigorous.

But do you know, for instance, that he has also been a secret agent? That he has been the one who opened the way in the African jungle to defeat the Ashanti, a tribe practicing human sacrifice?

Do you know that as a boy his name wasn't Baden-Powell, but just Robert Smyth Powell, and he had a lot of brothers and sisters?

Our BP was not very good at school, but he could manage in all situations thanks to his inventiveness and his agreeable smile.

And when by chance he applied to enter the army and passed the test to become an officer, his results were so good that the army leaders deducted the training years and immediately sent him to India as second lieutenant.

BP was excellent in drawing and he could paint a picture with two hands simoultaneusly.

Nobody was so good in acting as he was and he could disguise himself not to be recognized.

He founded the Southafrican police, he taught the English army to make a reconnaissance and to read traks.

Do you know how he met Olave, the girl who later became his wife?

BP lived such an adventourrous life to seem umbelievable, he visited all the countries in the world more than once.

What does “Impeesa” mean? It's easy: "the animal that never sleeps, but goes around night time" It was the nikname the Zulus gave Baden Powell. When? The answer is in the book!

Genesis of "Impeesa"